Publishing for Publicity

How to Promote Your Business with a Book

Why Promote Your Business with a Book?

Your Book Is a Big Business Card

Publishing a book is one of the best ways to promote your business and open new doors. Being a published author automatically denotes you have authority status, which increases perceived value about your work and builds trust. That means your book makes it easier to get interviews, speaking engagements, and higher-value clients. Using your book as a sales tool is a great way to pre-screen your prospects as well as educate them on your services. In short, your book is a win-win for both you and your client.

So what gets in the way of publishing a book for profit? Most professionals would say they don’t know the process or how to get started, much less promote it effectively. No matter how good the content of your book is and how much value it will give your future clients, your book needs to look good with an eye-catching cover and professional typesetting for interior pages as an initial indicator of the quality of your service delivery. The good news is we have editors, designers, and print production specialists who will give you a product you can be proud of to represent your expertise and enable you to publish for profit.

Roy Rasmussen and Marian Hartsough
authors of Publishing for Publicity: How to Promote Your Business with a Book

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Our Services

writing and editing

Writing & Editing

We can assist you in writing your book, or if you prefer, we offer ghostwriting services. We do extensive research, including market research to make sure you have a viable market. Our seasoned copy editors and proofreaders will ensure your manuscript will be professionally prepared.

Book Design & Publishing

We will work with you to get you the book of your dreams. We provide interior and cover design that will exceed your expectations. But just as important, we will help you navigate the world of publishing, from editing to print production, always there to answer your questions.

Publicity & Marketing

We will help you develop your Unique Sales Propositions (USP), so you know going in how to position yourself in the marketplace. We provide you with a press kit to kickstart your book promotions, as well as direct you to arranging media appearances, press releases, and more.

internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Today, social media marketing and video marketing is crucial in connecting with your potential clients and readers. It’s possible to connect with your prospects via LinkedIn, Twitter, and others in a way that you become an influencer in your field. Publishing a book adds to your authority


book market

Finding Your Book’s Audience

How to Find the Right Market When you write a letter or email to somebody, you always know who you’re writing to and why. But you’d be surprised how many people write a book without considering these questions. It’s a big reason 10%-35% of books get returned to the publisher

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book proposal

Book Proposal Basics

Assembling a Winning Presentation It used to be that if an author couldn’t land a major publisher, their main alternative was vanity publishing, which amounted to paying to have your book published at a financial loss. Today new opti Most books publishers receive are unpublishable, and even of the fraction

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Judging a Book by Its Cover

4 Keys to Covers That Sell You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly sell one, publishers have long known. In 1951 DC Comics, publishers of Superman, published an issue which sold well. It happened to have an ape on the cover against a yellow background.

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marketing strategy

The Unique Selling Proposition

The Foundation of Modern Marketing In 1961 marketing pioneer Rosser Reeves introduced the concept of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in his book Reality in Advertising. Since then the USP has become the foundation of modern marketing. In recent years the Internet has brought the concept to a wider audience.

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Traditional versus Alternative Publishing Options

What’s Right for You? During a recent discussion with a client who is publishing a book, the question came up whether their book project would be better served by a traditional publisher or a print-on-demand publisher. The issue of how Kindle fit into the picture also came up. For others

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Finding the Right Literary Agent

Tips and Tools Finding the right literary agent will multiply your odds of selling your book to a publisher. Fortunately getting an agent to look at your book isn’t quite as hard as getting a publisher to read it, but it’s still a lot easier if you know what to

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